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Providers for the Commons Library

Published Aug 27, 2013  |  Comments/Questions?

A blog series on my Commons Library would not be complete without mentioning all the providers that go with it. The Commons Library, by itself, gives you a framework, some common functionality and a bunch of contracts. To get actual functionality out of it, providers need to be built that implement those contracts. The Commons Library does contain a bunch of built-in providers as well. These built-in providers are ones that do not have any third-party dependency other than the .NET framework and the most common of its extensions; the idea being I do not want to impose a whole bunch of dependencies on the Commons Library itself. Other than these built-in providers, I have built other providers that do have third party dependencies. These are individual libraries that are available as NuGet packages.

Here is a quick mention of all providers that are in place as of this blog post.

Built-in Providers (bundled with the library)

  • Configuration Store
  • One that uses XML files (XmlFileConfigStore)
  • One that uses web URLs (WebUrlConfigStore)
  • Logging
  • One that uses the console (ConsoleLoggingProvider)
  • One that writes to text files (TextFileLoggingProvider)
  • One that sends an e-mail every time you log (EmailLoggingProvider)

Individual Package Providers (read more on them here)

  • Configuration Store
  • One that uses Windows Azure Blog Storage (BlogStorageConfigStore)
  • Logging
  • One that uses Windows Azure Table Storage (TableStorageLoggingProvider)
  • Data Access
  • One that uses Fluent NHibernate (FluentNHibernateUnitOfWorkFactory)
  • One that uses MongoDB (MongoDbUnitOfWorkFactory)
  • Web
  • A bundling provider based on Microsoft
  • A SSO provider based on DotNetOpenAuth

I hope to build a lot more as I go, and you are welcome to build as many as you want as well. As always, feedback and suggestions for improvement are more than welcome.

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